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Re: KXTA824 x 2

On 3/12/2020 5:34 PM, Bob La Londe wrote:
> On 3/12/2020 2:14 PM, ABLE1 wrote:
>  > On 3/12/2020 3:36 PM, Bob La Londe wrote:
>  >>  > BTW Don't let Gunner get under your skin.
>  >>  > That boy has multiple other issues.
>  >>  >
>  >>  > Have a better day.
>  >>  >
>  >>  > Les
>  >>
>  >>
>  >>
>  >> No worries.  Gunner is a flake.  I don't count on him for anything,
> well because he has never ever come through.  Not even once.  He uses
> his stroke as an excuse even for failings long before (years) or long
> after.   I predict he won't follow through this time either.  After our
> exchange on firearms and his conclusion to just break the law I am not
> sure if I care.
>  >>
>  >> As to the stuff I am getting rid of... Meh!  It will probably all go
> in the dumpster.  I hate to pitch good stuff, but I also need the space
> in the shop.  I do have some spare phones for service stock I'll
> probably give to old customers if I have the time.
>  >>
>  >> I'm accumulating "junque" related to my current field instead. Servo
> motors, spindles, linear rails, raw stock, misc machines, etc.
>  >>
>  >> Les, I don't have a list to take you off of.  Should I make one just
> so I can draw a line through your name?
>  >>
>  >
>  >
>  > Bob,
>  >
>  > Just to help you I will gladly provide the line.  See below.
>  >
>  >          ____________________
>  >
>  > That is probably more line than you need for just me.
>  > Feel free to use the overage for others as you see fit.
>  >
>  > Les
> Now, see.  There you go deliberately wasting my time.  Now I have all
> that extra line to dispose of.

Come on Bob, your a creative guy.  I am sure you could make a profit
on that extra line!!!  Chuck it up in your lathe or CNC Machine.
Think of all the lines that you won't have to look for a pencil.

If you secure one end and pull on the other, there is no telling
how much extra line you will get to be used in all kinds of new

After a while you will realize the savings and the bonuses you will
have with extra line on those new empty shelves you keep saying
you now have.

When you start turning a profit remember where the raw stock came
from and then take a vacation.

I ask for NO return on my investment.  I am that kind of guy!!
A simple thank you is all I need!!  :-)


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