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Re: KXTA824 x 2

On 3/11/2020 6:39 PM, Bob La Londe wrote:
> I've got a couple KXTA824 Panasonic KSUs if any of you guys still have
> any use for a great old analog key system.  One was new/old stock as a
> backup for my customers I bought from another dealer to have as a spare
> (no box), and the other was from my wife's office.  It was fully
> functional when I took it down, and has some expansion cards.
> Both of them have sat on the floor for years in the communications
> closet in my office.  I was going to install one at one point as a demo
> unit to integrate with access control, door stations, and more, but
> never got around to it before I got out of contracting.
> Pay shipping and make it worth my time to put them in a box (or two) and
> they are yours along with any phones I find on the shelf in the
> warehouse.  No promises about phones.  I threw away thousands of dollars
> in new and refurbed phones when I closed the cotnracting business in
> favor of full time mach9ining.
> ....
> I just took a quick look on the shelf and found a 7030, a 7750, 3 7731B,
> and a Panasonic proprietary cordless that I am sure needs new batteries
> along with a 3 line call ID board.  4 phones and the card look like the
> boxes have never been opened.  One looks like it was never assembled,
> but the box is all tore up.  Another has a tore up box, but is probably
> new also.  I didn't see any of the used phones I took out of my wife's
> office.  I may have thrown them all away years ago or they might be on
> the very top shelf (12' up).  Probably gone.  I do not think the 7030
> works with the 824.  Only with the older 616.  Meh!  Its been a few
> years since I worked on any phone systems.
> Don't jerk me around or waste my time.  If you want them or think you
> might want them get them NOW.  If not they will go in the dumpster on a
> random day in the next couple weeks.  Probably first thing in the
> morning right before the trash truck picks up.
> I don't really care about them, but I could use more space in the shop
> and I am getting rid of stuff again.
> Same goes for a Freedom64 panel (new), P1664 (new, but I stole the
> keypad out of the box), and 6 used P800/801 panels that were pulled
> working from a small chain of gas stations when they changed owners (all
> working some years ago).  I think they were all 801, but there might
> have been an 800 in there.   Want them make me an offer that includes
> shipping and my time to pack and ship them.  Don't hold out as "Bob will
> have them when I need them," because I will not.  If nobody wants them
> enough to get them NOW they will go in the dumpster with the phone systems.
> The asshole who says, "Well, just give them to me for free if you are
> going to throw them away anyway," YOU CAN'T FUCKING HAVE THEM. I've
> already wasted more of my time posting this message than it would have
> taken me to just walk it all out to the dumpster.
> P.S.  I could use a couple Napco RP1CAe2 keypads or the fancier one
> that's the same, but has the fold down door.  I've got a couple of the
> limited LCD keypads mounted in the shop and they drive me bonkers when I
> am trying to figure out which door I left open, and I would like to add
> one in my office so I can see which door is open when the chime is
> triggered.  Of course I usually notice somebody coming up to the door or
> pulling up in the driveway on the video monitors above my computer
> monitors, but not always.  Good used is just fine.
> I may have some other keypads as well if I haven't thrown them away.
> Yet.  Mostly likely some FBII stuff as I still had some in service.

The KXTA824 station ports can be analog or digital or both if I recall.

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