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Re: KXTA824 x 2

On 3/12/2020 5:13 AM, ABLE1 wrote:
 > On 3/11/2020 10:21 PM, Bob La Londe wrote:
 >> On 3/11/2020 6:39 PM, Bob La Londe wrote:
 >>> I've got a couple KXTA824 Panasonic KSUs if any of you guys still
have any use for a great old analog key system.  One was new/old stock
as a backup for my customers I bought from another dealer to have as a
spare (no box), and the other was from my wife's office.  It was fully
functional when I took it down, and has some expansion cards.
 >>> Both of them have sat on the floor for years in the communications
closet in my office.  I was going to install one at one point as a demo
unit to integrate with access control, door stations, and more, but
never got around to it before I got out of contracting.
 >>> Pay shipping and make it worth my time to put them in a box (or
two) and they are yours along with any phones I find on the shelf in the
warehouse.  No promises about phones.  I threw away thousands of dollars
in new and refurbed phones when I closed the cotnracting business in
favor of full time mach9ining.
 >>> ....
 >>> I just took a quick look on the shelf and found a 7030, a 7750, 3
7731B, and a Panasonic proprietary cordless that I am sure needs new
batteries along with a 3 line call ID board.  4 phones and the card look
like the boxes have never been opened.  One looks like it was never
assembled, but the box is all tore up.  Another has a tore up box, but
is probably new also.  I didn't see any of the used phones I took out of
my wife's office.  I may have thrown them all away years ago or they
might be on the very top shelf (12' up).  Probably gone. I do not think
the 7030 works with the 824.  Only with the older 616. Meh!  Its been a
few years since I worked on any phone systems.
 >>> Don't jerk me around or waste my time.  If you want them or think
you might want them get them NOW.  If not they will go in the dumpster
on a random day in the next couple weeks.  Probably first thing in the
morning right before the trash truck picks up.
 >>> I don't really care about them, but I could use more space in the
shop and I am getting rid of stuff again.
 >>> Same goes for a Freedom64 panel (new), P1664 (new, but I stole the
keypad out of the box), and 6 used P800/801 panels that were pulled
working from a small chain of gas stations when they changed owners (all
working some years ago).  I think they were all 801, but there might
have been an 800 in there.   Want them make me an offer that includes
shipping and my time to pack and ship them.  Don't hold out as "Bob will
have them when I need them," because I will not.  If nobody wants them
enough to get them NOW they will go in the dumpster with the phone systems.
 >>> The asshole who says, "Well, just give them to me for free if you
are going to throw them away anyway," YOU CAN'T FUCKING HAVE THEM. I've
already wasted more of my time posting this message than it would have
taken me to just walk it all out to the dumpster.
 >>> P.S.  I could use a couple Napco RP1CAe2 keypads or the fancier one
that's the same, but has the fold down door.  I've got a couple of the
limited LCD keypads mounted in the shop and they drive me bonkers when I
am trying to figure out which door I left open, and I would like to add
one in my office so I can see which door is open when the chime is
triggered.  Of course I usually notice somebody coming up to the door or
pulling up in the driveway on the video monitors above my computer
monitors, but not always.  Good used is just fine.
 >>> I may have some other keypads as well if I haven't thrown them
away. Yet.  Mostly likely some FBII stuff as I still had some in service.
 >> The KXTA824 station ports can be analog or digital or both if I recall.
 > hi Bob,
 > You can take my name off the list of possible recipients for your
 > New/Old stuff.  I don't want you to be holding off waiting for me
 > to respond to your generous offer.
 > Hope all goes well with your placement of said stuff either in a
 > shipping box or a dumpster.
 > BTW Don't let Gunner get under your skin.
 > That boy has multiple other issues.
 > Have a better day.
 > Les

No worries.  Gunner is a flake.  I don't count on him for anything, well
because he has never ever come through.  Not even once.  He uses his
stroke as an excuse even for failings long before (years) or long after.
  I predict he won't follow through this time either.  After our
exchange on firearms and his conclusion to just break the law I am not
sure if I care.

As to the stuff I am getting rid of... Meh!  It will probably all go in
the dumpster.  I hate to pitch good stuff, but I also need the space in
the shop.  I do have some spare phones for service stock I'll probably
give to old customers if I have the time.

I'm accumulating "junque" related to my current field instead.  Servo
motors, spindles, linear rails, raw stock, misc machines, etc.

Les, I don't have a list to take you off of.  Should I make one just so
I can draw a line through your name?

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