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xAP & UPS''s was Stuarts Roadmap

  • Subject: xAP & UPS''s was Stuarts Roadmap
  • From: Stuart Poulton
  • Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 13:08:00 +0000


You may find this of use

<a href="";></a>

Patrick, not sure how much time you've got, but the Linux SW as above,
has a system logging function that logs to the syslog. However from the
loging section of the manual

"Developer's Notes

All logging functions and all error reporting are now done through the
log_event() subroutine call. Exceptions to this are: initialization code
where printf's are done, and writing to the status file. Once the
initialization code has completed and the fork() to become a daemon is
done, no printf's are used. log_event() has exactly the same format as
syslog(). In fact, the subroutine consists of only a syslog() call. If
anyone really wishes to log to a file, the code to do so can easily be
done by adding code to log_event() in apclog.c.

Perhaps the relevant xAP code could be added to the log_event function.



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