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Re: Alarm Farce...

On May 15, 12:57=A0am, Frank Olson
<use_the_email_li...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/alarmforce-c160953.html
> =A0From "Helen":
> "We had our new AlarmForce system installed in July 2008. My wife was
> home during the installation and I had left instructions as to where I
> wanted the sensors located. On top of basic package we 'purchased' 2
> additional smoke detectors, 1 glass break sensor and 1 door contact for
> a total of $361.20. (I put that in quotations because we really do not
> own anything.)
> The installer insisted on placing the motion sensor BEHIND AN INTERIOR
> DOOR which, if left open, would render the system useless. He came back
> and moved it (damaging our wall) to another location. In this position,
> the system could not be armed if our wood stove was hot! I finally moved
> the sensor myself (damaging the wall again - the guy used tape and
> screws) and have not had another issue.
> In October, the system said that there was a 'low sensor battery'.
> That's right, in three months a set of two lithium batteries had went
> dead in the glass break sensor. Then in December, the same error crops
> up again! The issue is that the system does not tell you which sensors
> are faulty! We did a test and three sensors did not report in! MORE
> lithium batteries down the tubes!
> Just this past month, I took a terrible coughing fit near the glass
> break sensor and set off the alarm! That wasn't the bad part. I waited
> patiently by the AlarmForce box for the operator to come over the
> speaker. After a few minutes, I figured that they were not going to
> respond and went to brush my teeth. I had time to get to the bathroom
> and start brushing before I heard someone!
> Our latest AlarmForce pain came when our credit card company canceled
> our card in a security investigation. I remembered to call our heating
> oil supplier, phone company, cellphone provider, etc. but forgot to call
> AlarmForce. TWO DAYS LATER they mailed out a $21 SERVICE FEE notice
> because of the card being declined! Let me stress that they did not call
> us at all, just mailed out the bill. I called to explain the situation
> and was met with a very harsh attitude by their representative. After 20
> minutes, I was able to have the fee reversed.
> The trouble is, I cannot get out of their service contract. Thirty
> months at $25 come to $750 that I just cannot throw away. I will have to
> live with their poor response and inadequate equipment for the
> foreseeable future."
> That's not the only one I found...
> --
> My wife says women are angels. =A0And even when us guys manage to clip
> their wings, they'll keep right on flying... =A0on their broomsticks.

Like they say let the buyer beware. shame so many outright frauds in
our business.

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