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Punks making noises in my windows

I have some punks putting their face right up by my closed and
curtained window making noises and then running off. They think there
slick. I've already had my house broken into and have very little
tolerance for this kind of crap.

I have a alarm system that I've installed myself thanks to some of the
help from here. I'm thinking of getting some kind of camera setup.
Possibly even sticking a webcam in the window temporarily until I
solve this problem.

I really want to scare the crap out of these punks. I've seen motion
activated sprinkler setups for gardens but they aren't cheap and it
might get smashed. I also thought about wiring up some kind of loud
speaker behind the screen where they can't see. I'm not sure if I
would have it make some obnoxious sound or if I could just announce
very loud that I have their picture and calling the cops.

Any ideas?


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