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x10 remote range

I need to set up a switch to control outdoor lighting of a long
driveway - up to 200 ft.  The lighting system is 12 vdc and it is
controlled by a switch at one end of the driveway, only.   I'd like
to be able to switch it on/off from both ends.

If I were to change the switch to an x10 (or similar) device with
remote capability, will the remote have sufficient range to switch
the system on/off from a distance of up to 200 ft?  What is the
practical limit on range of the remote unit?     Is the range
diminished by cold (the switch will be located in an unheated garage
- winters can easily be - 30C)?  Finally, is the unit strictly
line-of-site or RF?


Mark Turner     ©¿©
Toronto, Ontario Canada

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