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Re: Joggler - scope for HA use ?

  • Subject: Re: Joggler - scope for HA use ?
  • From: "simon_haslam" <simon_haslam@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 13:36:48 -0000

How have you got on with your Joggler(s)?

It looks like the price has gone back up to =A3100 on the O2 website now :(

At least it shows that O2 are able to sell them at =A350, presumably
th making a loss (as there was no other product tied into it). Perhaps
l seem them at that price again sometime.


--- In ukha_d@xxxxxxx, Peter Campion-Bye <peter@...> wrote:
> On Wed, 7 Apr 2010 21:55:05 +0100, Rob Iles <rob.iles@...>
> > Interesting. Last time I spoke to a Joggler Developer (I'm not
sure if
> he
> > was "official", or a programmer who happened to have
done some
> development
> > for it), everything was "Flash" based (ruling out my
> >=20
> > If it is possible to get Windows running on it, I'd be a very
happy boy=
> >=20
> > Who's gonna be first to buy one and test it ;-)
> Mine arrived an hour ago. First impression - very good. Bigger than I
> expecting and has a nice solid well built feel, it doesn't move around
> the desk when you use the touch screen. Downside for me is the power
> connector is on the back, and the desk stand is not easily removable
so i=
> will need some modification for wall mounting. The installed software
> no browser so is completely useless to me, I will install Ubuntu
> Just about to order 2 more.


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