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Re: Loft storage ...

They should indirectly support teh weight of the roof but I guess they are
also in tension as triangulation braces for teh main roof angles...

Ultimately they shouldn=E2=80=99t be at a limit of capability under normal
circumstances and should be able to handle a reasonable static loading.



Sent from another bloody fruit-based portable device...

> On 3 Jun 2018, at 16:35, Nicholas Humfrey njh@xxxxxxx [ukha_d]
<ukha_d=> wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> Yes, I was thinking that if it supported what I am currently storing
> there plus the weight of me, then it can't be too bad. Hopefully
> worst outcome is a cracked ceiling.
> Although I am not certain that the ceiling joists are actually=20
> supporting the roof, or just the ceiling.
> nick.
>> On 2018-06-03 14:30, Phil Harris phil@xxxxxxx [ukha_d] wrote:
>> I=E2=80=99d be tempted to say that if any joists are that fragile
>> really shouldn=E2=80=99t be holding up a roof... :-)
>> If you can stand on them then they should be up to the job of
>> a reasonably hefty load as long as it=E2=80=99s well distributed.
>> Phil
>> Sent from another bloody fruit-based portable device...
>>> On 3 Jun 2018, at 13:17, Nicholas Humfrey njh@xxxxxxx [ukha_d]
>> <ukha_d@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I had been looking at Loft Legs because Wickes sell them:
>>> However I have been warned about putting a floor in my loft
>> I
>>> have quite small ceiling joists.
>>> Given that I just want to store suitcases, empty boxes etc...
I am
>> not
>>> sure how big a problem it is?

Posted by: Phil Harris <phil@xxxxxxx>

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