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RE: [OT] Freeview PVRs

  • Subject: RE: [OT] Freeview PVRs
  • From: "Andy Laurence" <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 08:56:35 -0000

From: Family Berry [mailto:familyberry@xxxxxxx]
> So, as I do have a sky box (Freeview is not an option yet where I
live) , I
> guess I have to go down the Tivo route, which I understand will allow
me to
> record both analogue and digital transmissions.


> What size is the Tivo, as I have very limited space where it needs to
> (in a cabinet under my TV)?

It's the size of a standard VCR.

> Also, can the Tivo work ok without the monthly/lifetime subscription?

It'll work like a VCR, I believe.  However, it's the features that come
with Tivo that make it the killer app!


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