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Re: [OT] Freeview PVRs

--- In ukha_d@xxxxxxx, LeeUKHA <mailinglists@v...> wrote:

> I used the KnoppMyth installation disk  (it uses the the Debian
> based Knoppix distro with MythTV already integrated into it), so
> 99% of the hard work is done for you!

Myth has been something I've been planning to do for a while - I've
got as far as building a custom minimal Linux dist (based on Hardened
Linux From Scratch) with Myth now compiled. The plan is to have a
frontend build to boot off CompactFlash linked to TV and then multiple
backends with DVB-T cards and a PVR250 for hardware MPEG conversion
(for Sky).

> I'm just adding NVRAM wake up, so the PC switches itself off
> between recordings -should save on the elecy bill !

I'd be interested in some info on how you got Myth to do with. I'd
like to combine it with WakeOnLan (WOL) to handle unscheduled
recordings as well.

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