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simple door-bell to Android mobile-phone?

  I am desperately looking for a simple "door-bell to smartphone" solution.

In my (small appartment) household, i have landline ADSL and an ADSL
modem/router from german company AvM (FritzBox 7490) with standard LAN /
WLAN capabilities.

What i want is a door-bell that connects via wLAN to the internet.
When someone rings the bell, i want it to besignalled on my Android
smartphone and i should be able to talk to the bell-ringing-person or
see the person.

Yes i know there are numerous solutions but i would like a reliable
simple one that uses existing Google / Android Infrastructure,
especially things like the FCM firebase-cloud-management because this
can reliably wake a smartphone. E.g. i think of an app like GoogleDUO.

Does anyone know of such a solution?


Roland Schweiger

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