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Re: Vantage vs. Lutron

On Tuesday, October 15, 2002 at 7:21:00 PM UTC-4, Mike wrote:
> Does anyone here have enough know-how to compare Lutron Homeworks with th=
e Vantage
> automation
> system? I'm preparing to specify a system to automate lighting, solar sha=
des, zone heating
> system, curtains and a few other functions in a 3000 sq. foot home. I've =
narrowed the
> selection down to these two systems.
> It's important that the various functions can be programmed using well-wr=
itten software
> that is powerful and versatile. Also, the light dimmers should be of the =
highest quality
> to minimize buzzing, flicker and increase reliability and longevity.
> Which system has the edge here? Any feedback appreciated.
> Mike M.

I am a Vantage dealer and also work with Lutron Homeworks and Radio Ra on p=
rojects that are already setup. I try to give the customer whatever their p=
reference is. Most people know Lutron because it is the best wall box dimme=
r in the business. But lighting systems are a different animal. With 36V bu=
s on keypads we do every keypad on one or two main runs. The fact that modu=
les and computers plug in, an educated customer could easily install a repl=
acement part if needed. Modules are made for standard, electronic low volta=
ges and fan control in the same plug in design. Lutron requires additional =
devices mounted out side the main panel. Vantage now has 12 loads on 4 feed=
s per module. This is important because of the limitations with arc-fault b=
reakers now required. They have several lines of keypads that fit any style=
 home. Programming is very simple and Vantage provides several procedure de=
signs to assist the programmer. Both systems are reliable and well built. L=
utron has engineered the best wall box dimmer. But they don't seem to have =
changed a lot with the Homeworks line. Vantage has one line and one focus.

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