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Re: X10 WiFi hub

On Friday, January 26, 2018 at 5:02:14 PM UTC-5, Mike Bell wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with the new X10 WiFi hub WM100 (https://www.=
> Besides general impressions, I am particularly interested in knowing whet=
her it needs connection to a remote server. (The description claims you can=
 control devices from your phone "anywhere you have internet access," but t=
he product manual does not describe setting up an account anywhere.)
> I would also like to know whether it has an API that would allow programm=
ing from elsewhere than the phone app.

First, the phone app communicates with a dedicated server in the cloud (onc=
e the WM100 and your app are configured properly). The Server then communic=
ates with the WM100. =20

Second, as of now the API is not published so if the server goes down your =
WM100 will continue to operate as scheduled, but you will not be able to is=
sue changes or commands.  A power failure will then wipe out the existing c=
onfiguration until the server comes back up and you reconnect with your app=

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