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Re: Some questions from a HAI Newbie

Like Leviton SnapLink Mobile App, NQLink work with Leviton Security&Automat=
ion Omni/Lumina familly Controller. NQLink use latest technology for connec=
tion and data processing, NQLink much faster on connect than other app that=
 you ever seen.=20

NQLink Provide both connection Local IP and Outside IP or domain name with =
one account for all devices: Controller, Hi-Fi2, Music Sever, Camera. App a=
utomatically looking for available connection every time. if you switch you=
r phone between Local wifi to cellular data network, NQLink automatically s=
witch connection also.=20

NQLink can run in background and start with your phone reboot to give you o=
ption notification on system such as: Security Mode, Lighting changed state=

NQLink Supported widget for function, GEO Fencing based on GPS Technology, =
Camera JPEG, MJPEG and RTSP H264/H265 format.=20

* Two option for display: List display and Grid Display (Touchscreen displa=
y mode)=20
* Two connections Local IP and Domain name (Outside IP) supported=20
* Looking for available connection automatically=20
* Notification option for report system event=20
* GPS GEO Fencing function=20
* Voice control supported (Require Internet connection)=20
* Supported HAI Music Gateway and Music Server=20
* Supported Hi-Fi2 Equalizer Setting=20
* Control light and Appliance.=20
* Security management.=20
* Air Conditioner Management=20
* Multi Room Hi-Fi2 Audio system.=20
* Macro Button Control=20
* User Setting=20
* Access Control=20
* Room and Area manage by Users=20
* Camera JPEG, MJPEG and RTSP H264/H265 format.=20
* Press and hold Item desire to Re-name (Please enable Display as list in A=
ccount setting)=20

Comercial version:=20


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