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Need help with my CP290

replying to Carl, SDSMITH wrote:
Well, I know this thread is now 11 years old, but I'm in the same situation as
Carl. I have a CP290 that I would still like to use, but have not found a way
to run it under Windows 7 32 bit.

I downloaded the program that Dave Hurus did (version 1.31), but no go. Any
other options beside setting up a standalone computer? I was able to get this
to run under Windows 2000 previously.

Thanks All

> catogris wrote:
> I\'m new to the group and really need some help.  I\'ve used my CP290
> for
> years and love it.  I\'ve tried the other controllers and always went
> back to
> the CP290.
> My computers have always recognized the unit and I never remember having
> to
> install any drivers.  But over the weekend my PC crashed and I had to
> restore it to like new out of the box.   When I tried to use the CP290 I
> can\'t get any communications between the serial port and the unit.  It
> used
> to work on Com 4.  When I look at the Hardware Profile it indicates a
> big
> yellow question mark.
> Upon boot-up the PC finds new hardware and asks for drivers.  But I have
> none and have searched the web all weekend to no avail.
> Does anyone out there have Drivers for an XP Windows based PC.
> (Interestingly enough I\'ve already got a driver disk for the Macintosh
> which
> came with one I bought as a back up if my original ever gives up the
> ghost)
> Please help, I can\'t give up my CP290 without a fight!
> Carl

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