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Re: Energy use in "off mode" with X10 modules and LED light bulbs

On Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 2:38:55 PM UTC-4, lxb...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> To get a lamp module to work with LEDs and CFLs and low-power incandescent, you have to remove components associated with the local control feature.
> If you are ok with doing mods to your appliance module, open it up and locate the 100K resistor (brown-black-yellow bands) and the 330K resistor (orange-orange-yellow bands).  Chop both out of the unit. Or at least clip one lead of each.
> The local control feature won't work, but LEDs and other low-power bulbs will work fine.
> This will also reduce the quiescent power drain of the module.

Mr. lxb,
Thanks for this info! In other posts suggested snipping a zener which did not help. But please clarify: there are two 330k resistors in the schematic. Which one is the correct one?

Thanks tremendously! Joe

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