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Re: Arlo wireless Internet camera

On Friday, April 28, 2017 at 11:02:04 PM UTC-4, cameo wrote:
> Does anybody here use these handy cams?

Yes. I have 4 of them with one base station that I have had up since early =
December. They are nice little camera's that catch a decent video, have a g=
ood battery life and  were easy to install. The camera's basically catch mo=
tion, you can set how sensitive they are) for between 1 - 60 seconds. So fa=
r the camera's are still with their original batteries which as at around 7=
5% or so. The biggest downside is that once the camera's sense motion, they=
 start to record, meaning that there is usually about a second or two lag b=
efore the recording starts. For camera's that are more macro focused, you c=
an miss some of the action for the first second, but for cameras that are m=
ore long shot they usually get it all. The other thing (not really an issue=
, but something to be aware of) is the farther away the camera, the more it=
 can lag. One of our cameras is around 200 feet away from the station, with=
 many obstacles in the way, and you can see some lag with it, vs the camera=
s that have a more direct line of connection have a quicker response. Hope =
that helps, if you want to know more, let me know.

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