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Re: Florida EF Qualifier Seeks Business Opportunities


  Good afternoon. I have been in the low voltage industry for roughly 24 ye=
ars and in upper management/project managing for roughly 10 years. I am a s=
elf generator specializing in commercial/industrial new construction and ex=
isting applications. I am in a network if you will and I have a group of co=
ntractors and end users that I do work for on a regular bases. I current ru=
n a Low Voltage Division for an electrical contractor, but I am looking to =
grow something on a more personal level. I am looking for a qualifier for F=
lorida and South Georgia. I generate and project manage roughly $250K-$550K=
 annually, but I would like to increase that by 30-50%. I have a resume/bus=
iness plan to send you if you'd like? Please let me know if you have any qu=
estions, concerns, or issues. Thank you for your time,


On Saturday, January 22, 2000 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, Robert Dolph wrote:
> Mature security industry professional, with over twenty years
> experience, seeks business opportunities in Florida and Southeastern
> US.  Currently fully qualified as an Florida (Georgia) "EF" (fire and
> burg) alarm contractor.   Serious inquiries only.
> Bob Dolph
> Orlando, FL

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