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LED dimmable bulbs with X10 switches

I just bought some Cree LED soft white "60W" "4FLOW filamant design" bulbs.

On one circuit, with just one bulb, the bulb lights at a mid level when off or
full brightness when switched on at the switch. The switches involved are the
old X10 switches with a lower section that slides to the left to cut off all
power. The problem is that the X10 controller cannot turn that bulb either on or
off. Turning other circuits using the same controller continues to work fine.

On another circuit, there is a 2 bulb fixture downstairs and a 2 bulb fixture
upstairs, all currently incandescent bulbs. If I remove one of the incandescent
bulbs downstairs and replace it with the LED bulb, everything works OK, with the
incandescent bulbs dimming much more than the LED bulb when the dimming function
is used. When I removed the downstairs incandescent bulb,leaving the LED bulb,
again I could not control the lights with the X10 controller. This is despite
the 2 incandescent bulbs in the upstairs fixture.

Has anyone here seen similar problems, and come up with any solutions to them?

I do realize that the low brightness issue in the off position of the initial
circuit is do to the switch sense feature of the X10 switches, and that the
incandescent bulbs in the second circuit eliminate that problem there.

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