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Re: LED dimmable bulbs with X10 switches

Bob F wrote:
> I just bought some Cree LED soft white "60W" "4FLOW filamant design"
> bulbs.
> On one circuit, with just one bulb, the bulb lights at a mid level
> when off or full brightness when switched on at the switch. The
> switches involved are the old X10 switches with a lower section that
> slides to the left to cut off all power. The problem is that the X10
> controller cannot turn that bulb either on or off. Turning other
> circuits using the same controller continues to work fine.
> On another circuit, there is a 2 bulb fixture downstairs and a 2 bulb
> fixture upstairs, all currently incandescent bulbs. If I remove one
> of the incandescent bulbs downstairs and replace it with the LED
> bulb, everything works OK, with the incandescent bulbs dimming much
> more than the LED bulb when the dimming function is used. When I
> removed the downstairs incandescent bulb,leaving the LED bulb, again
> I could not control the lights with the X10 controller. This is
> despite the 2 incandescent bulbs in the upstairs fixture.
> Has anyone here seen similar problems, and come up with any solutions
> to them?
> I do realize that the low brightness issue in the off position of the
> initial circuit is do to the switch sense feature of the X10
> switches, and that the incandescent bulbs in the second circuit
> eliminate that problem there.

I just tried the second circuit again, and it seems I can turn in off with the
controller, but not on.

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