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Re: Active Home Pro on Windows 8 anyone?

On Friday, April 12, 2013 10:27:27 PM UTC-5, cameo wrote:
> I've been using the Active Home Pro software to control X10 devices with=
> a CM15A controller since Windows XP, then on Windows 7, and even though=
> that software has not been updated, I am wonderig if I could also use it=
> now with Windows 8. Has anybody tried it on Win 8? Otherwise I might=20
> have to keep my old PC around because I could not contol my X10 devices=
> without this software.

I am struggling AHP and Windoze 8.1, was working okay on WXP.  The software=
 installs and runs fine but I cannot turn lights on or dim them from the PC=
.  I can turn lights off though.  Very weird.  Also, the CM15A appears to h=
ave the same issues after I downloaded the timers and macros to it.  The ti=
mers don't turn lights on anymore, but do turn them off.

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