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Any IP cams out there with most functionality in its firmware?

After being fooled with great advertised functionality only to discover
that it required some software running on a PC, I want to be more
careful with my next IP camera. I want to be using the PC only to set up
the cam but after that I want to be able to disconnect the PC and run
connected only to my router and view its display and control it remotely
over the Internet. What's the point of having an expensive IP cam
running from a connected PC when you can accomplish the same thing with
an inexpensive web cam?

I want the IP cam send me an email with a short video clip when motion
is detected in its designated view area and also record the same or
longer video clips to a remote FTP server directory. Recording on an SD
card in the cam would also be nice but not essential. Pan and tilt is
not that important to me, but good picture quality even in low light is,
because I intend to use the cam day & night inside a vindow, facing
outside that is fairly dark at night. Because of this infrared LEDs
would be useless as they would reflect back from the window glass to the
camera lens.

Does any of you know of such IP cam under $300 and actually set up and
used one?


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