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Re: Will any company install a WIRED home security system in a finished house?

On Nov 29, 7:02=A0pm, John <jsro...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to have a wired security system installed in my house. Is it
> reasonable to try and find a local company that will install a wired
> system? It seems like they wall want to install wireless systems.
> Thanks!
> John
When you say "all " .,... how many is that? If you've only called a
few companys or if you've only called theNational,  "free" or "low
cost" companys, you can only expect them to want to install wireless
systems. If they're going to give you something for "nothing" they
want that "nothing" to be the least expensive ... for them. These
companys are only after your monthly monitoring fee anyway and don't
install "security" systems. Call in a few independent companys and ask
them what they think about wired systems versus wireless. Anyone who
says that wireless is better .... throw them out. Anyone who says its
almost equivalent but has some drawbacks .... question them further
and find out the actual basis for comparison. After hearing the truth,
you may actually weight the differences and decide a wireless system
would suit you ....

Or not!  For instance, sometimes, due to construction issues in your
house, wireless or partial wireless may be the least expensive and
least destructive means of doing the job. Like, a sun room on a slab
with a cathederal ceiling? Where would you run the wires?

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