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Re: HomeSeer Pro-100 is not a mini-ITX ;-) Re: Mini-ITX PC's a the future of HA (was Re: X-10 Mister House Motion sensor problems)

"Josepi" <J.R.M.@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Would that built in programmable ramp be settable to ramp for an
>hour?  Not that I get up to go to work anymore. but that was the
>speed. 0-100% in 1 hour...LOL
>Sometimes >control is needed in the middle of a loop and it it
>needs an abort method from the control processor.

This gets rather complicated. The best way to do this type of ramping is by
using your current method but with microsteps.

All X10-made dimmers will respond to microsteps but I'm unaware of any that
have programmable ramp rates. See...
for an explanation of 'microsteps'.

Insteon dimmers can be set for X10 mode and have a programmable ramp rate
(in either mode) but the maximum time is 9 seconds, far short of what you
want. They do not handle microsteps the way X-10 does but IIRC they respond
as if it were a preset dim/bright command which uses 32 dim levels.

You can use X10 preset dim/bright in a loop BUT you MUST send both address
and level commands as any intervening commands can reset the housecode for
the preset commands.

I don't recall any other makes of X10 compatible dimmers that have
programmable ramp rates but some 'may' have them in their native, non-x10

One caveat - I have not kept current on this as I've been in and out of the
hospital for the past year and have had nearly weekly appointments with
various specialists, leaving little time for anything else. I think my
warranty must have expired as all of my systems seem to be breaking down at

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