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Re: HomeSeer Pro-100 is not a mini-ITX ;-) Re: Mini-ITX PC's a the future of HA (was Re: X-10 Mister House Motion sensor problems)

On Sun, 13 Feb 2011 00:22:26 -0500, "Josepi" <J.R.M.@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
in message  <fUJ5p.17639$kr5.9759@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>I used recursion in my dawn lamp for morning wakeup alarms. I used a 300
>watt halogen conditionaled to go on only work mornings.
>The code called itself recursively every three minutes and brightened the
>lamp about 3% each time until over 97%. It was easier than attempting to
>write in flags in the system I was using. If a manual "lamp off" was sent
>from another controller (sick day) the recursion was aborted and terminated.

Ok. So "recursive" but not "recursive looping".

Yes, if you want to use the computer CPU to perform this function, HS will
let you do it, both through scripts and through HS-managed (not
hardware-based) built-in code for X-10.

Note though that most/many modern HA lighting devices provide hardware-based
ramping of output level. This is more robust with less overhead that having
the CPU/mpu track and control ramping for many devices. A single command to
the device sets the ramp rate and a subsequent single command begins the
process. The (eg) light switch itself takes care of making it happen.

>I need a new system to begin my home automation for the new house, when I
>get time. So far the X10 units have become very unreliable with a co-gen I
>am running.

Check out the spreadsheet of HA software and hardware at
sponsored through www.cocoontech.com

HTH ... Marc

>"Marc_F_Hult"  wrote in message
>Yes it can " do conditional processing"  and "conditional event initiation".
>But as understand the conventional use of the term "recursion", one either
>uses recursion or a (eg: DO) loop. If for some reason one absolutely needed
>"recursive looping code" (IOW, recursion within a loop?), one could write it
>as a script.  Can you give an actual example of where "recursive looping
>code" would be needed or desirable?
>Yes one can incorporate one's own code in a variety ways.
>But no, it doesn't have "the usually dumb macro intelligence level" if I
>understand what you mean by "dumb"
>... Marc

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