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Re: HomeSeer Pro-100 is not a mini-ITX ;-) Re: Mini-ITX PC's a the future of HA (was Re: X-10 Mister House Motion sensor problems)

I used recursion in my dawn lamp for morning wakeup alarms. I used a 300
watt halogen conditionaled to go on only work mornings.

The code called itself recursively every three minutes and brightened the
lamp about 3% each time until over 97%. It was easier than attempting to
write in flags in the system I was using. If a manual "lamp off" was sent
from another controller (sick day) the recursion was aborted and terminated.

I need a new system to begin my home automation for the new house, when I
get time. So far the X10 units have become very unreliable with a co-gen I
am running.

"Marc_F_Hult"  wrote in message

Yes it can " do conditional processing"  and "conditional event initiation".
But as understand the conventional use of the term "recursion", one either
uses recursion or a (eg: DO) loop. If for some reason one absolutely needed
"recursive looping code" (IOW, recursion within a loop?), one could write it
as a script.  Can you give an actual example of where "recursive looping
code" would be needed or desirable?

Yes one can incorporate one's own code in a variety ways.

But no, it doesn't have "the usually dumb macro intelligence level" if I
understand what you mean by "dumb"

... Marc

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