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Re: HomeSeer Pro-100 is not a mini-ITX ;-) Re: Mini-ITX PC's a the future of HA (was Re: X-10 Mister House Motion sensor problems)

On Thu, 10 Feb 2011 17:41:18 -0800, Mort <mort@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

>Marc_F_Hult wrote:
>> Home automation hardware continues to shrink in cost, size and power
>> requirements even as software and interfaces increase in function and
>> ease-of-use.
>> HomeSeer's latest hardware platform is in the form of a wall-wart,
not much bigger than a mouse.
>> The HomeTroller-Mini runs HomeSeer home automation software using
>> Mono on top of Linux on a 1ghz processor. It will reportedly sell,
>> with installed OS and HS software, for less than $300 beginning Q2 2011.
>> Web enabled, it can be controlled and viewed from any web-connected
>> computer, but small devices such as cell phones and pads of various
>> stripes are fast becoming the interfaces of choice in many situations.
>That's a fact. I no longer use any kind of remote control. I now
>use cheap android tablets + homeseer + some pretty simple coding
>to control everything.

Yup ;-)  I use both my current iPhone and the earlier model it replaced.

At last count at http://www.cocoontech.com/portal/ there were at least 330
iPhone and 100 Android Home Automation apps.

... Marc

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