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Re: HomeSeer Pro-100 is not a mini-ITX ;-) Re: Mini-ITX PC's a the future of HA (was Re: X-10 Mister House Motion sensor problems)

Home automation hardware continues to shrink in cost, size and power
requirements even as software and interfaces increase in function and

HomeSeer's latest hardware platform is in the form of a wall-wart, not much
bigger than a mouse.


The HomeTroller-Mini runs HomeSeer home automation software using Mono on top
of Linux on a 1ghz processor. It will reportedly sell, with installed OS and
HS software, for less than $300 beginning Q2 2011.

Web enabled, it can be controlled and viewed from any web-connected computer,
but small devices such as cell phones and pads of various stripes are fast
becoming the interfaces of choice in many situations.

HTH ... Marc

On Tue, 27 Jun 2006 13:51:55 -0400, Marc F Hult
<MFHult@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

>On Fri, 9 Jun 2006 23:59:52 -0400, "Robert Green"
><ROBERT_GREEN1963@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>However, I do agree with their choice of a Mini-ITX as perhaps the
>>perfect home automation controller, which supports my contention that PC
>>based HA specifically in the mini-ITX format, will eventually outperform
>>hardwired panels.  Even Homeseer agrees.   Get it?  :-)
>No, I don't. Nor apparently does HomeSeer.
>Turns out that the Pro-100 controller sold by HomeSeer is a
>*not* the 170mmx 170mm mini-ITX form factor with which Bobby is so
>It is a 200 x 150mm motherboard  made by LEX COMPUTECH CO aka Lex System
>who also manufactures of the PRO-100 case
>It is (also) a hoot to read Lex System's banner on their web site:
>"Next Generation Embedded System
>The Future Is Available Now! "
>about their "non-mini-ITX" form-factor board that incorporates the
>oldie-but-goodie PC-104 expansion bus.
>We expect such rah-rah advocacy from manufacturers, but in my opinion,
>comp.home.automation readers are best served by posts from participants that
>maintain a semblance of objectivity and adherence to the facts.
>... Marc

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