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Re: Does the Kodak PULSE digital frame w1030s or w1030 work with private RSS feeds.

Dmitri(cabling-Design.com) <info_at_cabling-design_dot_com@xxxxxxx>

> Dmitri(cabling-Design.com) had written this in response to
>  :
> Fergus McMenemie wrote:
> > I want to know if I can
> > configure the frame to display pictures based on my own RSS/ATOM feeds.
> > Has anybody done this? I want to share my photos with my parents and
> > other family members and have absolutely no wish to share them with
> > google picasa, facebook, flicker or Kodak.? Some documentation
> > describing any peculiarities of RSS feed format or even an example
> > would be very gratefully received.
> I honestly don't know the specs of the particular photo frame but I just
> wanted to say that you shouldn't let a simple thing such as RSS format
> stop you. There are plenty of Internet tools for translating feeds from
> one format to another, most notably Google's Feedburner (
> http://feedburner.google.com/ ) which will let you not only translate from
> one format to another but also "clean" an RSS feed by making it
> standard-compliant just in case some information in it is encoded wrong or
> it just does not pass a standard parser for some reason.

Thanks for the info. Howver I am quite happy messing with RSS in all its
flavours, the trick is discovering the correct flavour! Howver the big
ask is ... does the frame actually support RSS/Atom or is it something
totally porpietary and/or hardcoded to only connect to their own


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