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Aquarium fixtures blowing bulbs

I have multiple aquarium fixtures with the same type of ballasts and
all except one are blowing bulbs like popcorn. The one with T5 bulbs
seems OK, but the others with T6 (double tube CFL) seem more affected.
I assume it's the AC mucking up the power quality. X10 is completely
screwed too, but I think that's because I changed the ballasts in one
of the fixtures. The old 'shoplight' fixture with T8 bulbs did not
seem susceptible to the power quality.

I was going to buy a few of these for now to protect my bulbs/ballasts
http://www.pc-canada.com/p/item/prod.asp?item_num=LE600, but I assume
they'll need a filter to protect the X10. Secondly, can I use the
PowerChute (APC UPS(s)) software to effectively monitor power quality
to get to the root cause?

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