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Re: Internet Microphone?

On 7/3/2010 8:55 AM, Anthony R. Gold wrote:
> I'd like to monitor the operation of a piece of machinery at a remote
> location.  It's a backup generator which runs for 10 minutes each week to
> exercise and self-test.  When I'm at the site I monitor it by listening to
> the racket it makes and so an Internet accessible microphone server sounds
> ideal, but all I can find are IP webcams with built-in microphones, which
> seem a waste of money.  Any black box (non-soldering iron) suggestions?
> Tony

I installed a number of Generac generators with a remote monitor based
on alarm system technology. I bought the circuit boards from the small
DSC security systems and mounted them inside of the transfer switch.
The board would dial a burglar alarm monitoring station using standard
alarm communication protocol whenever the generator exercised or
whenever the fault light was activated. The monitoring company would
call me if there was no communication at the specified time every week.
It's old school tech but it works reliably and there is a record kept
by the monitoring station. Oh yea, it also calls home if the battery
gets low or if it loses AC power. This tech does need a POTS line in
order to work.


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