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Re: Internet Microphone?

In article <8k9336t36ji3ecu50k0b47qeodou4ahg3g@xxxxxxx>,
Anthony R. Gold <tgold@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>On Mon, 05 Jul 2010 00:02:52 -0700, Steve Fenwick <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Ah. Here's something that's not cheap, but does what you want--takes
>> audio in (including line level) and streams it out over IP.
>> <http://www.barix.com/Instreamer/301/>
>Many thanks for finding that.  I can't even tell how expensive it is - and
>then it still needs the microphone and maybe also a pre-amp to drive the
>line-in.  I think a Chinese plastic IP webcam must win out over Swiss
>precision engineering for this application!

I suspect that given an old PC and a $5 microphone from Radio Shack,
all the software you need to stream audio is free from the Linux

Al Dykes
 News is something someone wants to suppress, everything else is advertising.
    - Lord Northcliffe, publisher of the Daily Mail

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