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Re: Internet Microphone?

In article <2rc136p3qs72jrp7ifj25v28d54lbrdogv@xxxxxxx>, not-for-mail@xxxxxxxxxx (Anthony R. Gold) writes:

| Thanks, but I think you've totally missed the point.  I don't want to know if
| there's no power - I only want to know whether my generator started on
| schedule to run its weekly automatic exercise.  And as I have dual-WAN
| Internet connections, why would I even consider using a telephone call?

There are, as I'm sure you've seen, dedicated boxes that let you call in
and listen to your house remotely.  (Even some answering machines include
this feature.)  The dedicated ones also often have temperature sensors
and other options.  I could have sworn I saw such a device that was IP-based
and I will look for it, but even if it doesn't exist you might consider one
of the phone-based devices plugged into a VoIP adapter.  Even just a VoIP
adapter with some sort of auto-answer speaker phone might do what you want.

				Dan Lanciani

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