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Re: Internet Microphone?

On Sun, 04 Jul 2010 17:15:21 -0400, Tom Stiller <tom_stiller@xxxxxxxxx>

> In article <fen1361prl0454p7jebdd7hrfmo2rqubdk@xxxxxxx>,
>  "Anthony R. Gold" <not-for-mail@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On Sun, 04 Jul 2010 14:00:54 -0400, Tom Stiller <tom_stiller@xxxxxxxxx>
>> wrote:
>>> Connect a N.O. relay to the generator output _before_ the transfer
>>> switch. If the phone rings, the generator is not running.  The line
>>> should be busy durning the generator test period.  As for considering a
>>> telephone call, it incurs no charges and requires nothing more than a
>>> [cell] phone [with available service].
>> Thanks.
>> Even if I could do this within 47 CFR Part 68 standards, the result would be
>> that the phone line (along with the  property intrusion/fire alarm system)
>> would be disabled during all power outages.  And, as you might guess from the
>> significant investment in the generator, those are frequent in that location.
> Phones are not usually disabled power outages.  If the power is truly
> out, the generator is not running.

Right, if you assume that the generator won't be running during a utility
outage and so keep that relay closed, then why even bother about the testing?

>> I really just want an IP connected microphone.  Any advance on an IP webcam?
> If an IP connected microphone is what you want, nothing else will
> satisfy.
> If you want to know if your generator's test procedure is executing,
> you've been given alternatives which are, I believe, an advancement on
> an IP webcam.

Your suggestion could have been an advancement except for the problem that it
does not work.  But yes, I am only looking for an IP connected microphone and
I had hoped my choice of subject for the thread might have made that clear.


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