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Re: New Fridge - setting up monitoring

In article <i3e52p$lf4$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, robert_green1963@xxxxxxxxx (Robert Green) writes:

| Someday,
| items like refrigerators will contain an ethernet jack and can be remotely
| monitored for abnormal conditions with ease.

Of course, you will have to pay a monthly fee to the monitoring service.
The protocol used will not be available to the consumer for "safety reasons".

| In the next house, we'll have
| an autostart generator,

I'm working on this now.  I told the propane company that I wanted a
remote tank level indicator in the house.  They said they had a great
service where I could check my tank level on the Internet.  I explained
that I wanted a wire from the tank to a box in the house that showed the
level and had alarm contacts for low level.  (I even showed them some
sample devices in catalogs.)  They said they could program their "modem"
to call me when my tank was low.  I said that I didn't want to involve
their "modem" at all.  They said I shouldn't worry about it because
something could always be done after the tanks were installed.  I pointed
out that the nice monitor device in the catalog supported only two of
the four popular tank gauge fittings (not including snap-in) so it would
really be better to work this out before the tanks were in the ground,
especially since I'm buying the tanks.

It's been several weeks and still no quote. :(

				Dan Lanciani

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