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Re: New Fridge - setting up monitoring


"Robert Green" <robert_green1963@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"aemeijers" <aemeijers@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Nonnymus wrote:
> >
> >
> > "Robert Green" <robert_green1963@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> > news:i3blc9$3pu$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >> Just got a new fridge, and I thought I would try monitoring operating
> >> parameters with my home automation system.  I 've got sensors for kWhs
> >> used,
> >> ambient room temperature, freezer and refrigerator temps and the
> >> temperature
> >> of a sensor on the back of the unit.  I was hoping this should give me
> >> enough of a baseline to be able to detect "out of whack" conditions
> >> before
> >> they show up in a puddle on the floor or a failure to cool.
> >>
> >
> > We once had a cabin up on a mountain.  On occasion, the power would go
> > out and the refrigerator would let food thaw.  When power returned, the
> > only clue would be misshapen packages or a scent, so I wanted a
> > sure-fire way to know not if there was a power failure, but whether a
> > failure had affected the freezer and refrigerator contents.
> >
> > The solution was inexpensive:  a high/low thermometer from Radio Shack.
> > When we'd go to the cabin, I'd simply look at the high temp and
> > instantly know if the power had been off and if damage had been done.
> >
> > Nonny
> Hmm.  Commercial coke machines, really just fancy refrigerators, already
> come with onboard sensors and alarm systems, web page control consoles
> for remote management, and modem (maybe even LAN by now) jacks. They
> even Phone Home when they need refilling, or the cash box is full.

There's an idea for dieters - a refrigerator that charges you a quarter
every time you open the door.  Probably ends up saving energy, especially if
you have teenagers that like to stand in front of an open fridge for a long
time with that "deer in the headlights" look.

> It'd
> be trivial for a manufacturer to add that to a home fridge. Probably
> already on the 'to do' list for the smart power networks the tree
> huggers keep pushing. Master Control up in the sky dials back the power
> whenever the temp is within acceptable range, and it hasn't logged a
> door opening in the last hour or something.

Eventually, all major home appliances will have LAN enabled monitoring
features built in.  The problem is that every manufacturer wants a
proprietary system.  When that river is crossed, we'll see LAN jacks on
everything.  I'd hate to think my power company would EVER be able to tell
me how cold my beer should be.  That's when I'd go off the power net

> Another damn appliance smarter than the bipeds living there....

Just as long as they don't get "smart" like Microsoft and have a little
paper clip pop up and annoy the living hell out of you.  "I see you're
looking for something to eat.  I see you weigh more than government
recommended target weight.  You may access only the vegetable crisper."  PS.
If you do hate Clippy, just rename ACTORS directory in Windows to
DEADACTORS.   One of the more valuable things I've learned from Usenet.

Thanks for your input!

Bobby G.

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