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Re: New Fridge - setting up monitoring

Nice. In that case!...LOL

Temp probes have to be run trough the case. No RF will get out of a metal
straight jacket.

I have used a high low alarm thermometer (as suggested elsewhere here) and
it beeps every 5-10 minutes until reset. Wire has to break the gasket seal

"Robert Green" <robert_green1963@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"Josepi" <JRM.@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Fridges don't, typically carry that mush value in food contents to make
> worthwhile. Fun but not worthwhile.
> Freezers, however....

"Mush" is what I am trying to avoid my freezer contents from turning into.
It's not very much more effort to monitor both compartments if you're going
to monitor the freezer.  Besides, this is my hobby.

Bobby G.

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