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Re: What's NEW !

On 8/25/2022 9:24 PM, ABLE1 wrote:
> On 8/17/2022 10:11 PM, Jim Davis wrote:
>> Well, I have to admit, for the first time in years, business has
>> slowed down for me. I've never been affected by
>> recessions/inflation/turndowns/upturns etc, etc. Also, I've lost a
>> number of customers. Moving away, "out of the state" ( New York) say a
>> majority of them. Some are retiring and moving "out of the state"
>> Some, just to get away from the high taxes that go as benefits to pay
>> the the "open boarder" mentality. As if the "defund the police money
>> wouldn't have paid for it.
>> I mean service calls are still coming in, and the jobs that I'm
>> getting are high end, $5K, $9K. So that sort of makes up for the low
>> number of installs. But I'm not used to not rushing around, getting
>> parts, doing estimates, meeting deadlines - - - -  having a day off in
>> the middle of the week now and then. Makes is kinda scary. Like - - -
>> - - what's next?
>> I just reviewed the Napco Isecure line of products. It'll probably
>> workout OK. Just have to let it evolve by "other people" finding the
>> faults for a year or two first.
>>      If anyone wants my input / impression on it so far. Let me know.
> Hi Jim, et al
> I feel like I fell off the Planet.  My Thunderbird did a upgrade to the
> latest version and in doing so cause all my newsgroups to disappear.
> I have spent hours and hours trying to correct, different software but
> I had to learn something new!! Which hurt the brain.  Then I got some
> help from others and was able to see (1)one newsgroup that I frequent.
> The others were non-existent.  They just did not show up anywhere that
> I could subscribe to.
> Then just yesterday a new version of Thunderbird was available.  I
> loaded it about 30 minutes ago.  I went to the newsgroups and there
> was no change. That is when I saw it!!!  A button with "Refresh" on
> it.  I tapped it and then there the lost Newsgroups came up.  Yea!!
> So now I have recovered from my devastation!!  I'mmmmm Baccckkkk!!
> As for What's NEW!
> Besides the above I just finished a huge 4 week project at a school that
> added (3) Modular Units.  A total of (6) Classrooms.  I had to re-wire
> and install Pull Stations, Smoke Detectors, Horn Strobes, Security for
> all Doors, Motion Detectors, all connected to existing systems in the
> school as well as the PA Speakers hooked up to the School PA System in
> the Office. Had a Part-time helper that did manage to stress me a bit.
> But, I survived and got it done on a T&M Basis with weekly billing.
> All is good.  BTW while all that was happening I still had to take
> care of multiple service calls for other customers.  Today, I crashed!!
> Sorry for the long read!!  Have a good weekend, when it gets here!!
> Les
Stress TEST!!!

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