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Re: What's NEW !

On 8/17/2022 10:11 PM, Jim Davis wrote:
> Well, I have to admit, for the first time in years, business has slowed down for me. I've never been affected by recessions/inflation/turndowns/upturns etc, etc. Also, I've lost a number of customers. Moving away, "out of the state" ( New York) say a majority of them. Some are retiring and moving "out of the state" Some, just to get away from the high taxes that go as benefits to pay the the "open boarder" mentality. As if the "defund the police money wouldn't have paid for it.
> I mean service calls are still coming in, and the jobs that I'm getting are high end, $5K, $9K. So that sort of makes up for the low number of installs. But I'm not used to not rushing around, getting parts, doing estimates, meeting deadlines - - - -  having a day off in the middle of the week now and then. Makes is kinda scary. Like - - - - - what's next?
> I just reviewed the Napco Isecure line of products. It'll probably workout OK. Just have to let it evolve by "other people" finding the faults for a year or two first.
>      If anyone wants my input / impression on it so far. Let me know.

Hi Jim, et al

I feel like I fell off the Planet.  My Thunderbird did a upgrade to the
latest version and in doing so cause all my newsgroups to disappear.

I have spent hours and hours trying to correct, different software but
I had to learn something new!! Which hurt the brain.  Then I got some
help from others and was able to see (1)one newsgroup that I frequent.
The others were non-existent.  They just did not show up anywhere that
I could subscribe to.

Then just yesterday a new version of Thunderbird was available.  I
loaded it about 30 minutes ago.  I went to the newsgroups and there
was no change. That is when I saw it!!!  A button with "Refresh" on
it.  I tapped it and then there the lost Newsgroups came up.  Yea!!

So now I have recovered from my devastation!!  I'mmmmm Baccckkkk!!

As for What's NEW!
Besides the above I just finished a huge 4 week project at a school that
added (3) Modular Units.  A total of (6) Classrooms.  I had to re-wire
and install Pull Stations, Smoke Detectors, Horn Strobes, Security for
all Doors, Motion Detectors, all connected to existing systems in the
school as well as the PA Speakers hooked up to the School PA System in
the Office. Had a Part-time helper that did manage to stress me a bit.
But, I survived and got it done on a T&M Basis with weekly billing.
All is good.  BTW while all that was happening I still had to take
care of multiple service calls for other customers.  Today, I crashed!!

Sorry for the long read!!  Have a good weekend, when it gets here!!


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