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What's NEW !

Well, I have to admit, for the first time in years, business has slowed dow=
n for me. I've never been affected by recessions/inflation/turndowns/upturn=
s etc, etc. Also, I've lost a number of customers. Moving away, "out of the=
 state" ( New York) say a majority of them. Some are retiring and moving "o=
ut of the state" Some, just to get away from the high taxes that go as bene=
fits to pay the the "open boarder" mentality. As if the "defund the police =
money wouldn't have paid for it.=20
I mean service calls are still coming in, and the jobs that I'm getting are=
 high end, $5K, $9K. So that sort of makes up for the low number of install=
s. But I'm not used to not rushing around, getting parts, doing estimates, =
meeting deadlines - - - -  having a day off in the middle of the week now a=
nd then. Makes is kinda scary. Like - - - - - what's next?=20
I just reviewed the Napco Isecure line of products. It'll probably workout =
OK. Just have to let it evolve by "other people" finding the faults for a y=
ear or two first. =20
    If anyone wants my input / impression on it so far. Let me know.

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