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Re: Fight the coronavirus 100% and save LOTS of CASH -- Combattez le coronavirus 100% et économisez BEAUCOUP d'ARGENT

On Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 1:44:56 PM UTC-4, xyz9...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Protect yourself and your loved ones !
> KILL the coronavirus right now !
> And save LOTS OF CASH
> New tested, scientificly proven and amazing antivirus against coronavirus=
 using Chloroquine and Colchicine
> at very low price (33% discount)
> Satisfaction garanteed or your money back !
> http://als0p.atwebpages.com/coronavirus/coronavirus-en.php
> Prot=C3=A9gez-vous et vos proches!
> TUEZ le coronavirus d=C3=A8s maintenant!
> Et =C3=A9conomisez BEAUCOUP D'ARGENT
> Nouvel antivirus test=C3=A9, scientifiquement prouv=C3=A9 et =C3=A9tonnan=
t contre le coronavirus utilisant la Chloroquine et la Colchicine
> =C3=A0 tr=C3=A8s bas prix (33% de r=C3=A9duction)
> Satisfaction garantie ou agrent remie !
> http://als0p.atwebpages.com/coronavirus/coronavirus-fr.php

OH YES YES! send me some of ze la Chloroquine ala placebo.=20


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