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Re: Timely message to all

On 3/25/2020 5:23 AM, ABLE1 wrote:
> On 3/24/2020 10:12 PM, Bob La Londe wrote:
>> I'll send any referrals to Les & Jim.
> Thanks Bob, but the travel time is gonna cost the customer a lot!!
> Today I am going to go to the site with the Dictograph panel.
> First step will be to ID the unlabeled wiring rats nest.
> BTW no residents in the house, just the caretaker.
> This will be a day to remember.
> Hope all have a good safe day as well!!
> Les

If somebody local will not take care of them it might be worth it.  Used
to have FBII send me referrals for panel owners in remote locations from
time to time.  Most were just thrilled to have somebody willing to come
at all.

I grew up in a less remote area.  Maybe 60 miles from town.  My dad and
I learned to do all the electrical, plumbing, and refrigeration work we
needed done for our grocery store (and many other things). We just
couldn't get service companies to come out at all.  I took my
refrigeration certification course (mail order) when I was 14 I think.
In later years as a contractor I had a number of big cooling companies
as regular clients.  I think they were impressed that I actually knew
atleast roughly how everything worked.  My dad had a handy man service
on the side that actually generated more revenue than his hardware
store.  People were thrilled to get things fixed.  He's a retired
snowbird now (sunbird?) and he still just about always has handy man
jobs going.

Ok.  1900 miles might be a bit far for a service call, but I had clients
from 200-300 miles away.  Some of them actually had service companies
that were closer, but they couldn't get them to come out and do service
for them.  I charged them for my travel time, but they were just happy
to have somebody who knew what they were doing fix their stuff.  One was
a school.  Whenever I had to go out there I planned a full day of it.
I'd fix what they called me for, and then ask what else they had that
was broken to save on another travel charge. My truck looked like the
moving scene from the Beverly Hillbillies when ever I headed their way,
so I would be prepared.

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