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Timely message to all

I hope everyone is doing ok.

I'm still going out and working on 2 new construction installations that ar=
e in progress and doing service calls, but keeping my distance from other w=
orkers which are few. I'm arriving on the job at 3 to 4 PM and working into=
 the evening till 9 10 PM which pretty much leaves me alone on the job with=
 no one else to come in contact with.

Service calls seem less than usual so I have to assume it's because of the =
Virus slowdown. Only did two in the last few days and only have two schedul=
ed for next week so far. One of them the people went to their house in the =
woods in Pennsylvania, so their house here will be empty for me to work in.=
 The other is someone new to the area moving into one of my old customers c=
ondo, so I'm thinking they're kind of skittish about the new area and want =
protection more than being concerned about me coming into their personal sp=

Most people I've spoken to don't seem that concerned over the situation but=
 they're taking normal precautions. Some are working at home. Some are work=
ing reduced hours. I went out on two estimates last week but I'm thinking t=
hat it will probably be an extended period of time before they get back to =
me. I've got my existing new construction jobs to keep me busy for awhile b=
ut I expect a slowdown in the future as a result of people being out of wor=
k etc.

I've got some money owed to me but not enough to hamper paying my bills (ye=
this month and probably next month=20

So we'll see what happens over the next few weeks.

I'm wondering if any of the small business assistance from the government w=
ill be available to me if things get worse to a point that I can't pay my b=
ills. I'm only a one man company so I don't know how this is going to work =
and if I'll comply with the requirements. =20

How's everyone else doing?

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