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Caddx NX-8 Alarm system in my home I just bought, but no codes - HELP

Hello All,
I am new to this group, but desperately need your help.
We bought our home and it has a Caddx NX-8 alarm system with a 148E keypad.
There are no notes, information about what the master or user codes might be, so I think I will have to reset the system to default, but no matter what i try I cannot get it to go. Could be looking at the wrong instructions too.

It was not hooked up to the power, so I connected the AC to it and the siren immediately goes off. So I disconnected it in the control panel.

I have looked over the internet for instructions on how to reset this system but not really getting conclusive instructions that work.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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