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Re: Timely message to all

On Monday, March 23, 2020 at 6:12:24 PM UTC-4, doug wrote:
> >> I hope all here pull through these bad times.
> >>
> >> Les
> >Interesting point you bring up.
> >
> >I'm told that in NY we are considered an "essential" business but no one
> >has specified whether that applies to new installations or just service
> >calls.
> >
> >I'll have to try and find out about that.
> >
> I'm not sure trying to find out is the answer, if possible we should all
> just stop going out for any reason other than food, medical and other
> genuinely essential reasons.
> A fire alarm perhaps might be considered essential, but security
> alarms, CCTV and home entertainment are for the most part not really
> essential no matter what loopholes we might find to justify going to work.
> I understand the economic devastation this will cause, but its difficult to
> spend your hard earned money if you're six foot under, or to spend it with a
> guilt free conscience if you unknowingly take the virus home and/or spread
> it to your family and customers.
> This is going to get incalculably worse in the coming days, weeks and months
> no matter what we do and people not adhering to stay at home orders/advice
> will only make it worse.
> I don't know what other people in this group are doing but I would say to
> everyone - just do the right thing, stay home if possible and try to stay
> safe
> Doug

Over the past few days there have been two home invasions in just MY area. People robbed on the street. Suspicious cars roaming the streets recording neighborhoods.

New York has the highest incidence of the virus. Yet in the far reaches of the state by the Canadian boarder there are none. Population density is a definite factor.

The rules are different for everyone depending where you are located. I have a customer that I will see today. Their fire alarm continuously tripping. They will leave a key for me and have agreed to not be home when I get there.

My wife is a nurse and we have an ample supply of rubber gloves. I'm putting on rubber gloves when I arrive and will remove them before I get back in the truck and leave them at the site.

Some of us (like you)  have a job. It's nice to be able to stay home from a job. Some of us own companies.

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