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Re: Timely message to all

On 3/25/2020 7:43 PM, Jim Davis wrote:
> On Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 10:12:14 PM UTC-4, Bob La Londe wrote:
>> 611/48800 this morning.  I am sure they changed during the day.  Its the
>> politicians and the media creating the frenzy, but its the frenzied who
>> will destroy the world.  Not a virus.
>> You deliberately chose not to hear what I said about flu.  I said a "bad
>> flu year" in contemporary times.  Years when they get the vaccine wrong
>> and the strains are stronger.  The death toll is much higher than the
>> average contemporary year.  I'm not talking about going back 100 years.
>> Just in your lifetime.
>> So, you don't think the suicides, murders, and and deaths from poor
>> health care of a collapsed economy that will last not for one year, but
>> several, are worth considering.  Ok.  Your choice.  I'll send any
>> referrals to Les & Jim.
>> Underlying a lot of people's attidutes seems to be some misunderstanding
>> that working for money so your family survives is somehow wrong.
>> Society uses money as an "equitable" currency for exchange of goods and
>> services.  Its inherent in society world wide, that those without money
>> survive on the charity of others.  In local economies where few have
>> money many don't because there isn't much charity to give.  No
>> politician can tax me for what I don't have to force me to give it to
>> those who choose not to work.
>> If those who create jobs do not survive (businesses not just the owners)
>> then you have a society with little money for everybody, not just the
>> business owners.
>> There is another problem many have not considered.  Civil rights in the
>> USA are under attack during this government shutdown.  Once a battle is
>> lost its lost.  Rarely is an inch lost ever recovered.
>> Worse?  What if I am right.  That its self important chest beating and
>> political hay making.  A bunch of opportunists using it to their own
>> political advantage.  If there is really a hard corp pandemic the death
>> toll will be much higher before anybody will believe it.
>> Or you could be right. #boomerremover. There will be more freed up
>> wealth for those who survive.
>> The sky is falling,
>> Chicken Little
> The above sounds like a paraphrased excerpt from Ayn Rand's ---- Atlas Shrugged.
> Turns out she was more a prophet than a philosopher

Interestingly as an avid Science Fiction reader who has literally read
thousands of books, (maybe tens of thousands), I have never read Atlas

(The pun was just a happy accident.)

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