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RE: Corrosion caused by batteries.

I am getting fed up with the corrosion at the negative or positive
terminals of Duracell AA and AAA batteries that come preinstalled
(from the manufacturer/distributor) in wireless motion detectors and
door/window contacts, as well as corrosion within the devices after a
year or two on the job site, all residential.

Are there any tricks to prevent corrosion? Vaseline, jells, etc? Does
anyone have a clue as to the root cause of corrosion? I know that
water/high moisture is a prime catalyst especially on door switches
that are near the bottom of an exterior door. Does the passage of
voltage from the battery to the battery holder have an effect, and if
so, how? It's also obvious (duhhh)that if the battery(s) are absent
from the battery holder compartment there is never any corrosion in
the holder.


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