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Re: Corrosion caused by batteries.

On Tue, 12 Nov 2019 00:28:02 -0500, chasbo@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

>I am getting fed up with the corrosion at the negative or positive
>terminals of Duracell AA and AAA batteries that come preinstalled
>(from the manufacturer/distributor) in wireless motion detectors and
>door/window contacts, as well as corrosion within the devices after a
>year or two on the job site, all residential.
>Are there any tricks to prevent corrosion? Vaseline, jells, etc? Does
>anyone have a clue as to the root cause of corrosion? I know that
>water/high moisture is a prime catalyst especially on door switches
>that are near the bottom of an exterior door. Does the passage of
>voltage from the battery to the battery holder have an effect, and if
>so, how? It's also obvious (duhhh)that if the battery(s) are absent
>from the battery holder compartment there is never any corrosion in
>the holder.

Googled my concerns. Read lots of info online re alkaline batteries.
Still interested in your opinions.

Thanks. Charlie

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