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Re: DSC Neo

On Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 10:56:38 PM UTC-5, mleuck wrote:
> On Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 10:47:16 AM UTC-6, Jim Davis wrote:
> > On Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 9:27:28 PM UTC-5, Hogan wrote:
> > > Hi Jim,
> > >=20
> > > From what I understand from having attended a live DSC information se=
minar on the new DSC Neo back some years ago when Neo was just about to com=
e out, is that Alarm.com purchased the rights from DSC to have access to th=
eir keybus. They have locked that out to other communicator companies.
> > >=20
> > > It was then decided that we would not be using that system ever, sinc=
e we had already started using IPDatatel communicators already. The old DSC=
 1616, 1832, 1864, are all still readily available; and the keybus is also =
> > >=20
> > > Of course, you can use any communicator that uses tip/ring and key-sw=
itch zone, but I am sure that you already know that. There is a really smal=
l " MN01-4G " radio available that does not even depend on any access to ch=
anging the telco number or account number in the panel, as the radio is pro=
grammed to connect to the central station number even though the panel is d=
ialing another. And as well, the account number that may be in the panel, i=
s also irrelevant as the radio is assigned an account number by the central=
. Additionally, there is an app for the system called RControl that will ma=
ke any system controllable by your customer's cellphone.
> > >=20
> > > I started out learning on DSC and have always liked them. I suppose t=
hat once you understand and learn on one type of panel and go to another, t=
he others may seem quirky. Even though I have experience with Honeywell, Na=
pco, Networx, Moose, Concord, DSC, and others, I still prefer DSC.
> > >=20
> > > The DSC PTK5507 Touch Screen for the PC 1616, 1832, & 1864, has the s=
ame appearance as the DSC HS2TCHP NEO Touch Screen Keypad. So if you wanted=
 an open keybus, you could switch out the equipment without even your custo=
mer knowing about it, and just your wallet would know.
> > >=20
> > > Hope you have/had a good vacation!
> >=20
> > So as I gather =E2=80=A6. what you are saying is=20
> > Anyone who installs the Neo equipment is essentially locking their cust=
omer into using Alarm dot com=20
> >=20
> > Is that correct?
> No it's not, while Alarm.com equipment works with Neo DSC also makes comm=
unicators for it although in my opinion they are garbage compared to Alarm.=
com, nothing else comes close
> But like any other panel you can still install Uplink or Telguard communi=
cators if all you want to do is report signals.

As you know I only install Napco equipment and the Starlink (Napco say's) "=
works with DSC" But, of course, I'll only ever find out "how well" it works=
 with it when I try to use it. And "trying" something, on the job, with a c=
ustomers panel is not how I do it. I usually set up a test setup and work w=
ith the equipment finding out all the little quirks before I'll ever try to=
 make something work on the job. There's nothing like having the customer l=
ook over your shoulder while you struggle with stupid anomalies and misinfo=
rmation and lack of information that is typical of all alarm equipment manu=

I'm not interested in just a simple communications report to central. I can=
 do that with a inexpensive $45.00 cellular communicator.=20

I'll be calling Napco this week to see if I can get some idea of how well (=
or not) the Starlink IBridge communicator works with DSC. Me getting involv=
ed with Alarm dot com for one account, is out of the question. Besides, as =
I understand it their "agreement" is very one sided and leaves the installe=
r somewhat vulnerable as compared to the standard alarm/dealer agreements t=
hat I use. My agreements favor me, not some Ahole  company providing me a s=
ervice that I can get somewhere else without any agreement at all.

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